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Project Description
Part of the Microsoft Media Platform, Audience Insight utilizes Azure and SQL Server StreamInsight to facilitate real-time quality and usage analytics for Silverlight and Flash media projects

Audience Insight:

  • Enables low latency KPI visibility for online media experiences
  • React proactively and with precision
  • Extend query model to meet specific business requirements
  • Real time shaping and aggregation eliminates event noise
  • SaaS focused framework
  • Create or extend business models
  • Leverage the cloud to manage volatility
  • Open source

 Update [September 2011]:

We are finishing some tidy-up work on the codebase and putting it through a series of scalability tests on real events to make sure what we release is robust and reliable enough to use "out of the box" at scale, as well as to try and make it as generic enough to allow developers to build on the experience in as simple a way as possible. We are hoping to have an initial release documented and through the legal approvals process by the end of the year

Thanks for your patience.

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